My name is Ann and I like creating new design for Your business
Hey! I`m here for you!
My name is Anna.
I`m a UI/UX Designer and know some platforms
for creating sites ( Wordpress and Tilda.)
I want to help your project more beautiful and useful for your consumers
I have 2 certification which confirm my design knowledge.
Also, i adore to have a close relationship with employer.
When i have some problem with project, i will glad to hear employers opinion.
Landing page
Banners for advertisment
Certification - isn`t an important thing in the profession, but it may give you confidence in my technical knowledge.
Everyone may finished courses, but not everyone continues their career path. It always takes time for self-realization.
Two - Month Course "Design Basic"
Four - Month Course "UI/UX Design"

I will be glad to see your message.

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